Obviously every project will be unique and require a custom estimate depending upon the exact requirements. As a basis for ballpark estimates, however, the following analogies may be helpful.

Standard Example

Pricing for a basic research website could contain the following features.

  • The Open Social Social Network
  • Electronic Lab Notebook with one custom experimental type of data (Your platform can have multiple fields and field types included in the experimental data type)
  • One form for collection of the experimental data
  • Thousands of data points (Your platform is only limited by the hosting resources)
  • Export and import of data using CSV files
  • Dashboard
  • Map Displays
  • 5 Public Facing Web Pages for public information (e.g., About Us, Welcome Page, Terms of Service)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 160 GB Storage + 1 TB Cold Storage

Using this basic research project as an example, the above features would be included for a base cost of $25,000.

Additional features can be added as follows.

  • Complete front end website describing your project in detail to the public: $10,000
  • Maintenance cost per year: $12,000
    Includes secure hosting in Azure, daily backups, security updates, member management, any new features that come out as we evolve the basic platform
  • Additional custom experimental content types (e.g., for different types of experiments or data collection types, includes a form for data collection): $3,000

Note that each installation has effectively unlimited member accounts (limited only by the hosting platform).

This is only one example. Please Contact Us for more details on your particular project.