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What We Do

Our mission is to provide a robust cloud infrastructure for research groups based primarily on open source software.

We begin with a flexible open source Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) based on the approach documented at Then we integrate social networking features from Open Social to make it easier for your researchers to collaborate.

By the end of 2022, we also plan to have Jupyter notebooks integrated with the ELN for more extensive data analysis capabilities and the ability to import experiments from the website.

Our open source approach also provides the following benefits.

  • Data Portability - At any time you can easily export all of the data from your experiments as CSV files.

  • No Vendor Lock-in - Using an installation derived from the information at the website, you should be able to import your data into a self-hosted instance or contract one of the numerous Drupal service providers or perhaps utilize expertise in your existing organization to manage your research website instead of us. This always leaves the option of further customizing your research site to your specific needs if you have the expertise available to you.

We are currently in the process of development of this platform and plan to have it available by summer of 2022 (with the Jupyter notebooks and import coming in the fall of 2022). Please feel free to contact us at any time and begin a discussion if you think the cloud approach may be beneficial to your research team. We would be delighted to discuss your research website needs and how we might meet those needs beginning in summer of 2022.

Our Background