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What We Do

We build research oriented websites based on the Drupal Content Management System.

Our standard build uses the open source core of an advanced social networking package called Open Social to make it easy for your researchers to collaborate. We then determine your specific research needs and create custom content types specifically for your research.

By default we will develop, host and maintain your research website. However, we take a fully open source approach. At any time you can take all of the code for your website and host it on your own premises or hosting provider. You can use one of the many Drupal service providers instead of us. At any time, using our pre-defined formats you can also download or upload your data in CSV files.

In order to have new research websites compatible with the latest version of Drupal, we will not begin the development of new websites until November 2021, when we expect the Open Social platform to be fully compatible with Drupal 9.2.

Please feel free to contact us at any time, however, and begin a discussion if you think the OurLabBook approach may be beneficial to your research. We would be delighted to discuss your research website needs and how we might meet those needs beginning in November 2021.

Our Background